Revionics Customers Include

Revionics is a leading profit optimization software company, enabling performance-driven retailers to leverage predictive analytics and demand-based science in building shopper-centric, responsive merchandising strategies that create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our proven SaaS-based pricing, promotion, markdown and macro space solutions offer the speed, intuition, transparency and scale that retailers need to achieve a responsive merchandising model using predictive analytics in an era when business strategy intersects with data science. Learn why 40,000+ retail sites around the globe optimize with undeniable results with Revionics.

Featured Webinars

Retail Pricing in a Dynamic Promotional World

Learn about the 5 must-haves to turn underperforming promotions into profitable offers with RSR Research and Apparel Magazine.

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The Price is Right: Strategies for Omni-Channel Pricing

Learn how to turn pricing power into profits through data-driven pricing decisions with the Parker Avery Group and RIS News.

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Thought Leadership

Rethinking Retail Pricing: 5 Things for CEOs to Consider

Learn how retail CEOs can shift their price strategy from “gut feel” pricing to intelligent, data-driven pricing tools to generate 10x yearly ROI.

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The Changing Promotional Landscape

Learn how you can offer the right offer at the right price to the right customer – profitably.

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