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As a retailer, you understand the challenge of creating and delivering effective advertising materials that are integrated with your overall marketing strategy. The process of manually creating and implementing targeted advertisements can quickly exhaust your already limited resources due to rounds of revisions and the high probability of human error. These challenges ultimately result in high levels of inefficiency, low levels of IT usage and costly operational bottlenecks that diminish retailers` abilities to create promotional material. However, you can overcome these advertising hurdles and more by leveraging our promotional solutions and technology.

Revionics' Approach to Retail Advertising Management:

At Revionics, we take a more innovative and customizable approach to Advertising planning, creation and management. Our technology and software sets out to achieve the following:

  • Automation of manual processes to speed up the production of promotional materials.
  • Integration of various procedures for complete management of promotions across your organization.
  • Utilization of analytical data to make informed decisions on a daily basis and for long-term planning.

Unique Features of Revionics Advertising Solutions for Retailers

Using Revionics' Advertising Solutions and Software capabilities, retailers can take data tables with various fields and turn them into attractive, automatically-created advertisements, without all the man-hours and additional cost (Figure 1.1). There are also a number of additional unique features including:

  • Automatic Ad Creation and Page Building - Produce your advertisements automatically with high-quality graphics based on promotional analysis. 
  • Retailer Digital Asset Management - Keep all of your product information, pictures, metadata and more in one central location for multiple channels.
  • Expected Benefits for Retailers - You will notice an immediate change in the effectiveness of your promotional efforts.

Figure 1.1:
Data Table of Promotions Transformed into Quality Advertisements Data Table of Promotions Transformed into Quality Advertisements

Automatic Ad Creation and Page Building

  • Automatic ad and page building – Produce, compile and update pages automatically to produce graphically rich, ready-to-print files containing images, copy, pricing, logos, tables, etc. (manual production also available as needed).
  • Variable layout and Edits – Easily make changes to promotional materials at any step in the process through automatic adjustments of entire pages and/or specific ads to fit new sizes, designs, content, and formatting.
  • Dynamic design creation – Offer full creative freedom to your graphic designers by allowing them to create as many dynamic design models and patterns as they like and avoid a one-size-fits-all design template.
  • Image composition and processing – Simplify the process of design by working with a variety of sophisticated tools such as image composition.
Figure 1.2: Automated Ad Creation and Page Building for Retailers

Revionics Advertising Execution Software

Retail Digital Asset Management (DAM)

In addition to unique automation capabilities, Revionics' Retail DAM (Digital Asset Management) application offers a centralized asset repository to store and manage all of your images, product data (including alternative product numbers), product families, copy, metadata (including all attributes) and version control. This digital database keeps files organized so that designers, brand managers and marketers can all pull from one centrally-located source. This application was built specifically for the retail market to significantly reduce the resources needed for proper maintenance of product data and graphics for multiple media channels.  By enabling easy 24-7 web-based access, Revionics Retail DAM allows users to easily find and retrieve ad elements, saving time and additional expenses. Less resources are wasted on information management, possible production errors, reducing time-to-market, and guaranteeing data consistency between channels.

  • Support for multiple hierarchies depending on the user`s specific requirements, such as marketing, merchandising and operational hierarchies.
  • Automatic conversion of images between formats, sizes, resolutions, and other attributes so that one item can be used multiple times.
  • Advanced search and version control since the repository is based on a database, rather than a filing system.
  • Highly configurable to meet your specific needs and define applications, formats, users, menus, fields, etc.
  • Full collaboration through check-in and check-out mechanisms to create a streamline process. 

Expected Benefits for Retailers

You will notice an immediate improvement in the effectiveness of promotional activities, more targeted lead generation and a significant increase in sales. Most importantly, you will see higher customer retention as a result of a streamline yet strongly targeted ad production and delivery across multiple marketing channels. Not to mention, your organization can improve productivity and efficiency for considerable cost savings among many other expected benefits:

  • Eliminate errors and manual tasks by automatically updating components such as content, prices, and images based on changes in the repository. 
  • Significantly reduce the advertising cost per page and per ad due to the decreased time and resources required to produce promotional materials.
  • Leverage existing product content and digital assets archives by properly categorizing, indexing and using them.
  • Retain complete creative freedom for graphic designers who can create as many design patterns as they need.
  • Minimize time and resources to create and publish promotional materials by automating the page building process.
  • Easily create multiple versions of promotional vehicle by streamlining the production process.

Reap the Cost-Saving Benefits of Technology

If you are interested in learning how our Advertising Execution solutions can help your business become more profitable, contact Revionics and request a meeting with a sales consultant and/or request a product demo.

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