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Revionics® Collaboration Portal for retailers enables more effective promotions by creating an online destination for deal planning and vendor communications.

Collaborate offers retailers a solution to improve the processes around vendor negotiations and deal management. Designed by retailers, Revionics® Collaboration Portal collects, hosts, and reports upon the numerous types of vendor data a retailer must manage every day. Today, this information comes in numerous methods - Email, fax, e-Commerce, and even other trading exchanges. The result is the retailer must spend countless hours and experience administrative nightmares attempting to reconcile the data.

Vendors experience enhanced supply-chain visibility with Collaborate. Retailers simply choose which vendors they want to participate, and then begin the process of achieving improved promotional performance.

Revionics® Collaboration Portal includes the following features and much more:

  • Improve negotiations with online deal management:  Retailers can share forecasts, actual results, and performance reports to help the supplier offer more informed deals.  Deals are entered, negotiated, tracked, and stored in one central repository.  
  • Share the impact of price and promotion to the forecast:  Retailers know in advance how price and promotion will impact demand with Revionics Forecast, and can now share this information with their suppliers.  Advanced knowledge of potential impact will improve the quality and relevance of the deals offered.
  • Collect and host supplier data:  Retailers struggling with the administrative tasks of collecting supplier and item information can leverage Collaborate as a data collecting and hosting solution. Collaborate accepts a variety of data transmission types, including manual entry.
  • Integrate Revionics lifecycle pricing:  Retailers leveraging Revionics life cycle price optimization solutions can provide their suppliers closed-loop communication about item, store, and enterprise level performance.  Enhanced visibility empowers the supplier to play a more active role in ensuring retailer success.
  • Structure the right type of deployment for your organization:  Collaborate acts as an extension of the retailer, with customized branding options, and can be configured in a centralized, decentralized, or mixed mode environment.   Merge Collaborate with Revionics solutions, other merchandising solutions, or supplier systems for improved automation.
  • Synchronize Collaborate to your other e-commerce initiatives:  For retailers and suppliers already leveraging an existing trading exchange or other method of e-commerce, Collaborate can accept data feeds from these sources and further enhance the supply chain relationship with additional functionality.

Life Cycle Pricing Solutions

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