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Competitive Data & Insights

Uncover what your Customers See and your Competitors Do

Consumers don’t go shopping; they are always shopping. Empowered and in-control, consumers are dictating the speed of retailing. In response, retailers no longer set and forget their prices. They are constantly monitoring competitors and adjusting their own prices to gain that edge and stay ahead.

Revionics® Competitive Data & Insights delivers the latest competitive data and insights. Through user emulation, these solutions deliver the highest matching rates in the industry. With powerful dashboards, visual reporting and analysis retailers are ensured to have up-to-date competitive information to drive their pricing strategies.

Quick to learn and implement, these solutions can be ready in as little as 8 weeks for immediate responsiveness.

Why Revionics Competitive Data & Insights?

  • Emulates how users search for products, ensuring more relevant and accurate competitive matches across a broad set of categories
  • Helps you translate data into pricing and business decisions by combining internal company data with market intelligence
  • Discover related or the same products that have different labeling through similar attribute matching capabilities
  • Uncover other consumer purchasing influencers such as product condition, inventory, and shipping costs
  • Understand consumer strategies, tactics, and response capabilities through historical analysis
  • Highlight potential margin or competitive opportunities
  • The solutions Improves and learns on its own as it performs competitive searches and uncovers results

Revionics® Competitive Data & Insights enables retailers to understand and respond to their competitors’ pricing tactics and strategies, to drive margin and volume opportunities and ultimately to increase profits.

Competitive Data & Insights Resources

Data Sheets:
Competitive Price Data & Insights

What Experts are Saying…

“Retailers say they are increasingly collecting granular and near-real-time price intelligence data. But in this survey, they hardly report using it in a real-time fashion. It is perhaps time for that change…”

-Nikki Baird and Paula Rosenblum, Managing Partners, RSR Research

Why Revionics

  • Recommendation Transparency
  • Scalability & Speed
  • Self Learning Demand Models
  • Speed-to-Value
  • Cloud Delivery Model
  • Deep Domain Expertise
  • Partnering Approach