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Read retail case studies from our retailer partners across many industries and discover the dramatic results of Revionics End-to-End Merchandise Optimization solutions. From increased sales, and gross margins to improved productivity and customer loyalty. Our solutions include shopper-centric assortments, micro and macro space allocation, pricing, promotions, markdowns and social commerce.

Family Dollar Presents at NRF 2014: You Would Think That Pricing in a Dollar Store would be Easy…

Family Dollar has one of the most cost/value conscious shopper bases in the United States with 50% of their shoppers on some form of government assistance. Frequent shoppers with high levels of price awareness and small baskets, they look to Family Dollar to provide affordable pricing on the products they need and trust. 

Family Dollar recognized that they needed to transform from an enterprise-wide pricing strategy done in spreadsheets to a more localized, strategic approach that enabled them to automate and prioritize pricing decisions while managing item level pricing by exception.

The overall mission in life cycle pricing was to maximize the effectiveness of pricing decisions from product introduction through discontinuation. However, growing fast with over $10 billion in sales and 8,000 stores across the United States - Family Dollar was faced with a wide variety of competitive environments and shopper demand patterns as well as a very constrained store labor model.

Read this case study to learn more about the benefits they have achieved by leveraging Revionics solutions.

Link to the Family Dollar Case Study 
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View the Family Dollar's NRF 2014 Presentation:

Raley’s Leverages Revionics® Social Commerce to Boost Loyalty, Improve Competitiveness and Increase Profitability

Raley’s Family of Fine Stores is a privately held $3B+, 125-store supermarket chain with stores in California and Nevada, which includes Raley’s, Bel Air, Nob Hill Foods and Food Source. The chain is best known for its high quality products, fresh produce, fine meats and a personalized food shopping experience.

The company’s Director of Marketing CRM and Analytics – Tom Hutchison – saw an opportunity to harness the power of digital “word-of-mouth” via social media and increase its role in the company’s marketing mix. He also saw the importance of communicating value in the marketplace and driving customers to the website on specific days of the week.   

Hutchison knew he had to harness the power of social media, but needed a solid technology partner for him to accomplish this. With 74% of consumers now relying on social networks to guide their retail purchases – time was of the essence to find a solution.

Link to the Raley's Case Study
Download the NRF 2014 Revionics & Raley's PowerPoint Presentation
View Revionics and Raley's NRF 2014 presenation:

Sustained Improvement After Price Optimization Maturity

Business Process Metamorphosis and Increased Granularity

Big Y World Class Markets a leading regional player in the Northeastern United States with over 60 grocery stores in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Big Y’s executive team made the decision to team up with Revionics 4 years ago because they were experiencing competitive positioning and price image challenges. Since teaming up with Revionics and leveraging their Price Optimization solution, Big Y has successfully strengthened their price image and created stronger loyalty while exceeding profit objectives.
Strong believers in the value of science and predictive analytics, they recently embarked on an effort to increase pricing sophistication through more advanced system usage, increased granularity and cross-functional collaboration.
Read this case study to learn more about the benefits they have already achieved and what future benefits Big Y plans to obtain by continuing to leverage Revionics solutions.

Download Progressive Grocer’s Article on Big Y

City Farmers Drives Stronger Value for Its Customers While Increasing Gross Profits with Revionics® Life Cycle Price Optimization Solutions

City FarmersA leading Australian retailer that offers pet supplies with garden and pool products

City Farmers combines the provision of pet supplies with garden and pool products, providing everything a customer could need in their backyard. Founded in 1991, in Western Australia, Australia, on the idea of selling bulk pet, garden and pool supplies, the brand has enjoyed rapid growth in 2012 and plans to open 10 more stores in 2013.

City Farmers Managing Director, Clayton Hollingsworth, strongly believes that adopting effective pricing strategies should be one of the highest priorities for a retail company. Ensuring you are offering the right price, at the right time, to the right customer can drive true value for customers while increasing profits. If you don’t have an effective pricing strategy, or it’s implemented inconsistently, it can scare customers away, damage your brand and negatively impact your profits.

After a comprehensive industry search, City Farmers decided to partner with Revionics and leverage Revionics® Life Cycle Price Optimization solutions, which are offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and allows City Farmers 24/7 online access, an easy user interface, data analysis at the item/store level and makes pricing and promotion recommendations.

 Big Y Foods Enhances Price Image, Increases Margins and Obtains a Strong ROI with Revionics® Price Optimization

Big Y Foods Inc.The largest and most successful independent grocery chain in New England

Big Y knew it had to take its strategic pricing efforts to the next level, so they would be more shopper-centric and ensure their center store pricing reflected changing shopper and competitor behavior. In addition, one of their new strategic goals was to enhance their price image and ensure Big Y’s pricing was extremely competitive in their market. They also wanted a pricing solution that would help maintain Big Y’s private label relationships while demonstrating to their customers that they are always receiving the best value possible.

After a comprehensive industry search, Big Y chose Revionics® Price Optimization solution. Revionics’ solution stood out for its user-friendly and recommendation transparency capabilities that would allow Big Y’s pricing team to combine their years of experience with a shopper-centric system providing them with the perfect blend of science and pricing art.

Big Y's and Revionics® Price Optimization Case Study

View a webinar about the success Big Y Achieved

Roundy’s Achieves “Significant” ROI and Competitiveness with Revionics® Price Optimization Solution

Roundy'sRegional Supermarket

Roundy’s wanted to increase sales and margins, while improving price perception. Faced with growing competitive pressures, particularly from Wal-Mart stores and other supercenters and conventional grocers, Roundy’s knew it needed a strong pricing strategy. Furthermore, the strategy had to be in tune with an increasingly complex, informed and empowered consumer.

After an in-depth industry search for the right solution, Roundy’s chose the Revionics® Price Optimization solution. Revionics’ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model helped Roundy’s avoid costly and timely implementation scenarios, while its intuitive user interface offered transparency and speed. Best of all, baked into the Revionics solution is its well-honed pricing science.

Roundy's and Revionics® Price Optimization Case Study

Revionics® Social Commerce Solution Helps PacSun Build Loyal Advocates and Drive ROI

PacSunApparel Retailer

PacSun needed to promote its new Spring Styles by launching a creative, interactive and exciting social marketing campaign that would help them identify and target advocates and fans, deliver exciting rewards and convert that loyalty into real ROI across PacSun’s multi-channel shopping experience – online, in-store, social and mobile. PacSun adopted the Revionics® Social Commerce solution—the social marketing platform that can deliver optimized, 1-1 incentives and rewards tailored to drive measurable ROI across the full spectrum of shopping channels.

PacSun Revionics Social Commerce Case Study

Pricing Strategy for Holiday Stationstores Pays Off

Holiday StationstoresRegional Retailer

Since 2010 Holiday Stationstores has experienced success using Revionics's base pricing software, which provides analytical detail, forecasts results and provides analysis of sales trends. Learn how Holiday Stationstores has the tools to be proactive to demand instead of reactive to consumer behavior.

Base Pricing & Product Category Management Case Study

Profitable Category Management

Nash Finch CompanyWholesale Food Distributor

Nash Finch Company needed a solution that could improve category management for a more profitable pricing strategy. See how life cycle price optimization helped them improve retail performance.

Category Management Case Study >

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Tony Patton 
Director of Pricing Strategies

Demand-Based Price Sensitivity

Family DollarDiscount and Convenience Retailers

Family Dollar retail operations serve the more price sensitive consumer. To meet price expectations, they used a demand based pricing strategy to transform their retail operations.

Price Sensitivity Case Study >

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Scott Zucker
VP of IT Solutions

Efficient Data Management

C&S Wholesale Grocers - Wholesale Grocery Distributor

C & S Wholesale Grocers was burdened with an inefficient system for data management. See how Revionics solutions enhanced efficiency, freeing time for pricing strategy. 

Retail Data Management Case Study >

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Scott Murray
Sr. Director Category Mgmt.

Price Optimization Software as a Service (SaaS)

Merchants Distributor's Inc. (MDI)Wholesale Distributor

Merchants Distributor's Inc., a wholesale grocery distributor, knew they were under-performing at the store level. See how Revionics Price Optimization software increased bottom line dollars by 16.7% 

Retail Software (SaaS) Case Study >

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Michael Moran
Director MDI Retail App. Services

Improved Retail Pricing Strategy

Rouses Enterprises, LLC - Supermarket Chain

Rouses Enterprises, LLC was in the process of changing wholesalers and needed an improved retail pricing strategy to complement their new direction. See how Revionics helped Rouses' achieve 2-3% net margin increase.

Retail Pricing Strategy Case Study >

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Joe Livorsi
Mktg., Pricing & Merchandising

Base Price Strategy

Scolari's - Food and Drug Co.

Scolari's Food and Drug Co. faced the challenge of having two banners located in two very different regions and needed a way to be competitively priced against all their key competitors in both regions. Learn how Revionics helped improve Scolari's price image across different zones, and gave them confidence in a new approach to price management.

Base Price Strategy Case Study >

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Ward Dunn
Vice President of Merchandising

Price Optimization

Van's IGA Markets - Supermarket Chain

Van's Markets, based in Bozeman, Montana needed a way to survive against Big-Box competitors. Learn how Van's long-term partnership with Revionics has enabled them to innovate and thrive against their competition.

Price Optimization Case Study >

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Frank Cannon
General Manager