Markdown Management Long Life Products


Efficiently Manage Markdowns that Meet Inventory and Profit Goals for Long Life Merchandise

Regardless of how long a product is carried, eventually it reaches its end of life. Retailers know the date that it should be off the shelves and the current inventory level. What they don’t always know is when and how much of a markdown should be taken to reach these dates with the greatest return on their inventory. Often stuck in spreadsheets or antiquated tools, merchants cannot make the best decisions – and execution is often error prone, not targeted and slow.

Revionics® Markdown Management – Long Life Products enables retailers to quickly create, simulate, forecast and compare marks and cadence. With a workflow tailored for category management processes, retailers can be assured that they can efficiently manage their markdowns to meet their inventory and profit goals.

As part of the Revionics® Markdown Suite, Revionics® Markdown Management – Long Life Products works with Revionics® Markdown Optimization – Long Life Products to deliver a comprehensive markdown solution that maximizes return on inventory, margins and sell-through.

Why Revionics Markdown Management – Long Life Products?

  • Accurately forecasts impacts on financial targets and consumer demand
  • Incorporate promotions and vendor deals into plans and forecasts
  • Scaled for Tier 1 Retailer volumes
  • Leverage aggregate demand models on slow-moving merchandise
  • Incorporates consistent and efficient Corporate Process

Key Solution Features

To execute markdowns more strategically, retailers must respond to the current conditions, current inventory levels and current customer behavior. This is only more complicated with buy anywhere, return anywhere, and fulfill anywhere of each customer. Revionics® Markdown Management – Long Life Products enables you to expedite the markdown process, forecast results, simulate and compare options all at a more granular, localized level.

Revionics best-in-class capabilities include:

  • Systematic workflow and efficient processes
  • Ability to rapidly simulate and compare various markdown options
  • Ability to rank markdowns to understand opportunity cost
  • Pricing at any level – enterprise, channel, zones or location


Markdown Management – Long Life Products Benefits

Revionics enables performance-driven retailers to create a sustainable competitive advantage and undeniable ROI in today’s new retail reality. Our proven SaaS-based markdown solutions offer the speed, intuition, transparency and scale that retailers need to achieve Responsive Retail in an era when business strategy intersects with data science.

Revionics® Markdown Management – Long Life Products enables you to drive performance and competitive advantage.

  • Efficiently manage markdowns
  • Forecast markdown impacts
  • Achieve inventory and profit goals


Revionics® Markdown Suite effectively manages the complexities and volumes of even the largest retailers and maximizes retailer return on inventory, margins and sell-through.