Markdown Management Short Life Products


Quickly and Profitably Manage Markdowns to Clear Seasonal or Fashion Merchandise

Markdowns are an everyday part of the fashion business. Inventory sell-through and markdowns budgets are determined during the planning process. Given the variation and number of individual fashion items and collections, it can be difficult to maintain effective markdowns during its lifecycle. More importantly, retailers need to be able to forecast what the intended effect of a markdown discount will be. They often end up making decisions on spreadsheets, which are subject to errors and data loss. Without effective tools and insights, retailers hope the right markdown was made to meet their plans and targets.

Revionics® Markdown Management – Short Life Products enables retailers to quickly and profitably clear their seasonal or fashion merchandise. By simulating, forecasting and comparing options, retailers can reach their margin and sell-through goals. With a streamlined workflow, retailers have the best insight and management of markdowns.

As part of the Revionics® Markdown Suite, Revionics Markdown Management – Short Life Products works with Revionics® Markdown Optimization – Short Life Products to deliver a comprehensive markdown solution that maximizes return on inventory, margins and sell-through.

Why Revionics Markdown Management – Short Life Products?

  • Incorporates promotions in plans and forecasts
  • Accurately forecasts impacts on financial targets and consumer demand
  • Delivers view into time-bound fiscal budget

Key Solution Features

To execute markdowns more strategically, retailers must respond to the current conditions, current inventory levels and current customer behavior. This is only more complicated with buy anywhere, return anywhere, and fulfill anywhere of each customer. Revionics® Markdown Management – Short Life Products enables you to expedite the markdown process, forecast results, simulate and compare options, and enables deeper granularity.

Revionics best-in-class capabilities enable you to:

  • Benefit from workflow designed for everyday merchants
  • Rapidly simulate and compare various options
  • Rank markdowns to understand opportunity cost
  • Price at any level – enterprise, channel, zones or location

Markdown Management – Short Life Products Benefits

Revionics enables performance-driven retailers to create a sustainable competitive advantage and undeniable ROI in today’s new retail reality. Our proven SaaS-based markdown solutions offer the speed, intuition, transparency and scale that retailers need to achieve a responsive merchandising model in an era when business strategy intersects with data science.

Revionics® Markdown Management – Short Life Products enables you to drive markdown performance and competitive advantage.

  • Efficiently manage markdowns
  • Quickly and profitably clear seasonal or fashion merchandise
  • Forecast markdown impacts


Revionics® Markdown Suite effectively manages the complexities and volumes of even the largest retailers and maximizes retailer return on inventory, margins and sell-through.