Systematically Execute Your Price Image 

Base Price Management, Simulation, Optimization and Review

Today's retailers face a number of challenges such as rising costs, hyper-competition, consumer price sensitivity and pressure on margins. Retailers who leverage the science of demand-driven pricing now have a clear advantage over their competition.

Revionics® Price Optimization has the most installations in the retail industry, helping retailers price with confidence by leveraging predictive analytics to: 

  • Predict customer behavior
  • Achieve financial objectives
  • Improve customer loyalty, and
  • Automate manual pricing processes

The Optimal Price:

Blending pricing science, business rules, and retailer price strategy is the fundamental premise of Revionics proprietary optimization science:

  • Pricing Science Includes price elasticity, seasonality, trends, cannibalization, and affinity.
  • Business Rules Incorporate margin targets, competitive position, private label relationships, ending numbers, price change limits, and more.
  • Pricing Strategies Configure to any level of store or product hierarchy, leverage predefined strategies or customize for more granular execution of price image.

Key Solution Features:

Revionics best-in-class features include:

  • What-If simulation
  • Forecasting and execution
  • On-Demand optimization
  • Pre-configured pricing strategies
  • Customizable pricing strategies
  • Automated price management
  • Competitive positioning
  • Price image alignment
  • Price Family management
  • Key Value Item management
  • Good-Better-Best automation
  • TPR optimization and management
  • Actionable reporting and insight


  • Aligns pricing strategies and tactics with category and financial objectives
  • Executes competitive positions and desired price image
  • Localizes pricing to exploit local shopper behavior
  • Automates price management by enforcing business rules and operational constraints
  • Measures effectiveness and automatically adapts to changing conditions

Retailers who use Revionics® Price Optimization see a Return on Investment within 2 Months, 1-4% profit improvements, and 2-4% gross margin gains. Read our Price Optimization case studies to see how we've helped retailers succeed. 

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