Effectively Plan, Forecast and Monitor Strategic Promotions

The very nature of promotional planning is a complex process – from aligning strategy to financial goals to coordinating across all departments. It’s an even bigger challenge to wrangle in all data points, goals and strategies into one cohesive workflow and system to ultimately execute the most effective and profitable promotions.

Revionics® Promotion Management empowers retailers to easily plan, forecast, simulate and analyze campaigns, promotions and events across all channels while maximizing vendor funds and marketing investments. By incorporating financial targets and forecasts against demand, retailers can predict the impact of overall campaign and effectiveness of channel. In-flight analysis helps retailers analyze market response to adjust before the promotion ends.

Along with Revionics® Promotion Optimization and Revionics® Social Offer Management, Revionics Promotion Management is part of the Revionics® Promotion Suite, which enables retailers to deliver impactful promotions and achieve their strategic and financial objectives.

Revionics can also help retailers gain deeper competitive intelligence with competitive price insights, data and management.

Why Revionics Promotion Management?

  • Enables comprehensive promotional planning across all channels 
  • Incorporates predictive, science-based demand forecasting to achieve predictable outcome
  • Simplifies promotional planning and aligns to financial targets with dynamic workflow
  • Strengthens vendor negotiation with on-demand modeling
  • Provides insights into basket affinities and offer cannibalization impacts
  • Offers intuitive results, forecast indicators, and alerts build confidence and ensure adoption
  • Maximizes promotional vehicles via insights into each vehicle’s promotional lift 
  • Simulate multiple promotional scenarios and view side-by-side comparisons of results
  • Measures promotional effectiveness before, during and post promotional campaigns and events

Key Solution Features

Revionics® Promotion Management provides retailers with an Streamlined and organized process, one central repository of information and above all else, accurate promotion forecasting to help facilitate the best plans. Bottom line, Promotion Management gives retailers all of the tools they need to plan, monitor, and adjust your promotions and achieve financial objectives.

Revionics best-in-class capabilities include:

  • Aligns promotions against category and financial objectives
  • User friendly, step by step dynamic workflow
  • Decomposition of each promotional vehicle lift
  • Quickly build, model, forecast, and compare different promotional offers
  • New item forecasting and cross-item impacts
  • Simulate vendor fund impact, identify optimal offers, and negotiate deal incentives
  • Freeze and reforecast promotions 
  • Single system of record for promotions
  • Pre, in-flight, and Post Analysis on promotion effectiveness
  • Effectively measure campaigns, events, and promotions using targets and performance rollups
  • Support granular promotional tactics such a size and location of the promotion within the ad, location in the store, or digital channel

Promotion Management Benefits

Revionics enables performance-driven retailers to create a sustainable competitive advantage and undeniable ROI in today’s new retail reality. Our proven SaaS-based promotion solutions offer the speed, transparency and scale that retailers need to achieve a responsive merchandising model in an era when big data and business strategy intersects with science.

Revionics® Promotion Management enables you to drive enhanced promotional performance and competitive advantage.

  • Plan and validate success of promotional campaigns, events and vehicles
  • Increase sales, revenue and market share, while growing margin
  • Maximize the performance and mix of promotional vehicles
  • Maximize vendor fund negotiations and ensure incentives support promotional targets
  • Analyze in-flight promotions, rapidly adjust and reforecast promotions when unexpected events are encountered 

Revionics® Promotion Suite enables retailers to deliver impactful promotions that build brand, loyalty and margin while achieving their financial goals.