Execute Relevant and Profitable Promotions 

Omni-Channel Promotion Strategy, Planning, Execution and Analytics

Promotion optimization is a key success factor for driving traffic and loyalty at every touchpoint in the omni-channel shopping episode while beating the competition in today's market. Retailers turn to Revionics to add perceived value, automation, and bottom-line results to their promotional strategies.

  • Deliver shopper-centric promotions
  • Drive advocacy, loyalty, traffic and sales through exploitation of social actions
  • Reduce promotion cycle and production time
  • Centrally manage promotional content and tasks
  • Simulate promotional events for additional insight
  • Maximize potential sales with accurate demand forecasts that minimize out-of-stocks
  • Accurately forecast impact to budget more effectively

Revionics® Promotion Optimization offers a birds-eye view of promotion performance, helps forecast the results of various promotional scenarios, aids the automatic creation of promotional events, and presents shoppers with the optimal personalized offer at their preferred touch point. Never miss a dollar of vendor funds with accurate performance tracking against vendor deals.

Science-Based Promotions:

Using advanced algorithms that blend science, rules, and promotion strategies to select the most profitable items and offers.

  • Affinity and Cannibalization
    Insight into which products are trip drivers or basket builders, while avoiding unnecessary discounts that aren't relevant to consumers.
  • Quantify Promotion Lift
    Model merchandising activities to make profitable, fact-based decisions when developing your promotional strategy.
  • Measure Net Impact
    Simulate a variety of promotion vehicles and merchandising types to understand the total net impact of the chosen event.
  • Accurate Forecasting
    On-demand modeling can be conducted at the event, version, or offer level to help predict impact of promotional event.

Key Solution Features:

Revionics® Promotion Optimization includes best-in-class features to support the needs of retail merchants, marketers, buyers, and executives:

  • Strategy planning and modeling
  • Supports multiple promotion types
  • Layout configuration and cloning
  • Deal collection and repository
  • Event creation and delegation by role
  • Offer-level strategy configurations
  • On-demand “what-if” simulation
  • Complex promotions (BXGY) support
  • Recommends best items and offers
  • Category cross-effect analysis
  • Forecast item impacts
  • Location impact analysis
  • Actionable reporting and insight
  • Scan down report automation


  • Improves sales and loyalty
  • Engages shoppers at their preferred touch point and drive them to the point of purchase
  • Exploits driver/dragger product relationships
  • Measures effectiveness and adapts recommendations to ensure objectives are achieved

Retailers who use Revionics® Promotion Optimization see sales increases of 1-12%, unit movement growth of 1-9%, and 5-20% gross margin gains, Review our customer case studies to see how we've helped Retailers succeed.


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