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Optimal clearance of inventory

Optimized markdown pricing by Revionics removes the guesswork of how deep and when to take a markdown to achieve your financial or inventory objectives. Retailers can set their Markdown objectives to optimize by profit, or by inventory reduction, enter the date parameters, and let the system recommend the best sequence of markdown steps to achieve their goals.

Increase sell-through & margin
The system turns unwanted inventory into cash by improving sell-through rates and squeezing additional margin out of products identified for markdown or clearance.

Use Markdown optimization for a variety of reasons

  • Seasonal products – Clear inventory at the end of a season or holiday (Pool Toys, Halloween Candy, Christmas Decorations).
  • Assortment changes – Markdown products that have been discontinued or are no longer carried by the retailer.
  • Date sensitive products – Ensure perishable products or date-sensitive products are cleared by their expiration date. Reduce shrink in the process.
  • Store closings – Retailers can ensure they are not leaving money on the table when closing a store or a category.
  • Forward buys – Take advantage of vendor price incentives to buy in bulk, while ensuring the product is cleared in the timeline desired.

Flexible data requirements

Markdown optimization can be performed with either perpetual inventory data feeds, or alternately a beginning inventory count supplemented by sales data.

Markdown Planning Includes On-Demand Modeling

Revionics Markdown features a variety of planning tools enabling retailers to plan and model markdown scenarios, real time.  Add or remove stores, change product associations,  or adjust inventory levels to see how different scenarios forecast. 

Localize your Markdowns

Uses item-store demand to predict inventory depletion as a function of time and price.   The system can predict consumer-level demand before the markdown begins, then adjusts proactively as new inventory depletion information is received. This on-the-fly adjustment ensures the system is responsive to the most granular of levels.

Measures Results

Revionics integrated reporting and analysis tool, Revionics Insight, provides retailers time-sensitive metrics on how their markdowns performed.

Comprehensive KPIs & Reporting

  • Turn-key executive dashboards and detailed performance reports.
  • Drill down from the enterprise down to the item/store level to view trends, ranking, and performance metrics.
  • Compare future and historical markdowns by date, type, and version.
  • Export, graph, email, and share reports with your colleagues.

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