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Optimization Solutions for Retailers

No matter what retail vertical you occupy, understanding the customer is always a critical factor for success. To remain competitive, retailers have to know what customers want, provide it when and where they want it at a price that they believe shows value. Revionics End-to-End Merchandise Optimization solutions help omni-channel retailers across a variety of retail industry segments implement shopper-centric strategies for assortment rationalization; micro and macro-space allocation; social commerce programs; and pricing, promotions and markdowns across all channels and touch points.

Merchandising Strategy Benefits by Industry Segment

Shopper-centric predictive analytics can be leveraged by all retail industry segments to ensure that facts and rules rather than gut feel are applied when making product, price, promotion and space change decisions. Here are a few practical applications for specific retail industries:

  • Drug Store/Grocery/Convenience: Develop and execute category strategies for optimal base, promotion and TPR pricing. Right-size stores, departments, categories and facings by utilizing loyalty and market data to ensure optimal product mix and space allocation. Drive advocacy, loyalty and new customer acquisition with social commerce programs that provide optimal incentives which generate bottom line dollars.
  • Hardline Retailers: Seamlessly optimize assortments, space and life cycle pricing across multiple categories, channels, touch points and store clusters. Implement social commerce strategies that bring marketing into the merchandising fold through the use of incentives that help achieve category and loyalty objectives.
  • Softline Retailers: Optimize inventory value and sell-through of seasonal and fashion merchandise with a best-in-class markdown solution. Generate online and offline sales through social commerce programs which turn loyalty into advocacy and buzz into business.
  • eCommerce Retailers: Ensure price image and value proposition objectives are met through surgical competitive positioning and dynamic pricing. On-demand updating of competitive data and demand models enables online retailers to strategically re-price at the frequency required to keep up with digital shoppers.

Life Cycle Pricing

Price Optimization for each stage in the pricing lifecycle including base price, promotions and markdowns.  

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Assortment and Space

Simultaneous optimization of assortments and space. Incorporates strategy and science to right-size space allocation & localize assortments. 

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Social Commerce

Leverages cutting edge social technologies and the power of optimization to drive loyalty, new shopper acquisition and sales.

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Improving Retail Performance

Our mission is to eliminate the guesswork in price, assortment and space decisions by providing retailers with smarter, fact-based recommendations that improve sales, margins, and customer loyalty. Revionics® End-to-End Merchandise Optimization software and Advanced Analytics help retailers listen to shopper needs and translate this understanding into the most effective strategy development and execution possible. Start making decisions with confidence knowing they are backed by advanced retail science, years of deep retail experience, and a long-term partnership commitment.

Optimization Solutions for Retailers

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