Social Offer Management


Reward and Cultivate Customer Engagement while Extending Social Reach

Word-of-mouth advertising continues to remain a key influencer in consumers’ purchasing decisions. People are a company’s best advocates, building brand loyalty and confidence, but retailers have struggled to truly integrate the social mediums into their current promotional practices because of the varying platforms and data sources – leaving their social reach limited and segregated from their overall promotional strategies.

Revionics® Social Offer Management enables retailers to engage and motivate their most loyal, influential customers by providing them with specific offers that are then shared in their social network. They become social advocates of the retailer’s brand, and this results in the acquisition of new customers and additional sales.

Along with Revionics® Promotion Management and Revionics® Promotion Optimization, Revionics Social Offer Management is part of the Revionics® Promotion Suite, which enables retailers to deliver impactful promotions and achieve their strategic and financial objectives.

Revionics can also help retailers gain deeper competitive intelligence with competitive promotion insights and data.

Why Revionics Social Offer Management?

Key Solution Features

Revionics® Social Offer Management enables you to reward and cultivate customer engagement while extending social reach.

Revionics best-in-class capabilities include:

Social Offer Management Benefits

Revionics enables performance-driven retailers to create a sustainable competitive advantage and undeniable ROI in today’s new retail reality. Our proven SaaS-based promotion solutions offer the speed, intuition, transparency and scale that retailers need to achieve Responsive Retail in an era when business strategy intersects with data science.

Revionics® Social Offer Management enables you to drive promotional performance and competitive advantage.

  • Reward customer engagement
  • Create social mavens
  • Use social and customer relationships to amplify brand and sales

Revionics solutions deliver usable science that aligns to your strategies with adaptive, self-learning models and transparent results explaining the "why" behind recommendations.