Leverage our Store Cluster Analysis to take the guesswork out of grouping stores

Historically, retailers have been unable to dedicate proper attention to determine store to zone clustering.  Lacking time and appropriate technology, many retailers group stores into zones or clusters based solely on demographic information and competitor proximity.

There is a better way!  Revionics will perform a Store Cluster Analysis, giving retailers insight into the optimal number of zones, and will align your retail stores to the appropriate zones.  Revionics recommendations are based on analyzing customers' price sensitivity, geographic clusters, distribution center proximity, cost to service, the competitive landscape, and more.

Image:  Color Coded Store Locations

Within this service offering, Revionics is able to provide a profit or revenue optimization, giving you a preview  into expected return on investment (ROI) based upon varying the number of zones you choose.  Optimization of stores to clusters will allow the retailer to set pricing within each grouping so you will be in the best position possible to optimize profit, revenue, or margin targets. 

Retailer deliverables include:

  • Store elasticity analysis
  • Cost to serve analysis
  • Store clustering options
  • Profit optimization curve for optimal number of zones
  • Price elasticity by new zones

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