Revionics Promotion Performance Analysis

Revionics Promotion Performance Analysis
October 27, 2017 Mark Schwans - Senior Director, Solutions Marketing

Revionics Promotion Performance Analysis

Ever heard the saying, ‘Half my promotional dollars are wasted, I just don’t know which half’? Promotion Analysis product provides deep visibility into which promotions drive value, which ones do nothing and which ones are counterproductive, draining your margins and going the opposite direction of our promotional strategies. This isn’t simple reporting but deep machine-learning science that breaks down every component, vehicle, and cross-item effects off all your promotions and then intuitively visualizing them so retailers can accurately and easily understand their promotional effectiveness and opportunities.

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With too many promotions, too many offers, so many cross influences, and so many different ways to reach shoppers, it has been an insurmountable challenge to know what promotions really are working and which are not. Until Now.

Revionics is excited to introduce Promotion Performance Analysis, or PPA! Revionics PPA leverages data science to analyze the effectiveness across all your promotions, immediately highlighting which promotions drove profit and revenue and which ones failed miserably and should be removed from your playbook altogether

Early adopters have unearthed some staggering findings. One retailer found that nearly 5% of promotions were accounting for over ½ of their profit loss. While another uncovered that 60% of promotions generated no sales lift and the profit generated was cannibalized from other items.

Reach shoppers on their terms and break the cycle of ineffective promotions. Discover vehicle impact, cross-item effects, vendor deal influence and find your millions in opportunity with Revionics Promotion Performance Analysis.