Winning the Battle for Customer Loyalty

Winning the Battle for Customer Loyalty
August 12, 2017 Mark Schwans - Senior Director, Solutions Marketing

How to Compete?

Forward-thinking retailers are continually reinventing themselves and adopting innovative ways of attracting and retaining customers.

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In today's hyper-connected world of online commerce and price-sensitive shoppers, retail has become an endless battle for customer loyalty.  To compete in this new reality, forward-thinking retailers need to continually reinvent themselves and adopt innovative ways of attracting and retaining customers.

Because price will always be the most critical factor influencing a shopper's journey, retailers cannot afford to price too high and risk losing sales and alienating consumers – or too low and risk losing margin.  Revionics delivers proven solutions that empower retailers of all sizes, verticals and geographies to be more successful and competitive.

Despite the rise of eCommerce, many businesses continue to fall back on gut reaction or traditional pricing practices – repeating the same promotions and failing to respond to their customers.  Utilizing strategic rules-based pricing, science-driven optimization and Dynamic Pricing for faster response times – Revionics helps you set the right price for every product in any channel – at just the right time.

Promotions can be a highly effective way to connect with consumers, but retailers often struggle to choose the right channels and execute relevant offers that build market share, enhance brand recognition and increase shopper loyalty.  Revionics’ unique science enables retailers to drive top line results and maximize margins with game-changing promotion strategy, planning, simulation and measurement.  Businesses can now launch more targeted, personalized offers that reach customers where they are most likely to respond to ongoing promotions.

Shifting consumer demand and omni-channel pressures have created an environment where unproductive inventory is now a more painful issue than out-of-stocks.  Revionics has partnered with some of the world's largest retailers to maximize return on inventory, margins and sell-through with our cloud-based SaaS solutions.

Our advanced analytics leverage machine-learning science to deliver optimal pricing, promotions and markdowns across all of your retail channels.  Revionics’ solutions understand the real-time shifts with your customer’s price sensitivity – empowering you to deliver prices and promotional offers that create more value for your customers and defend against price aggressiveness of your competitors – all while achieving your strategic and financial objectives.

When price optimization enables innovation, anything is possible.  Our self-funding solutions transform retail performance, accurately forecast promotions and consistently enhance profitability.  With Revionics, the possibilities are endless.