11 observations from Day 2 at NRF

11 observations from Day 2 at NRF
January 18, 2016 Revionics

  1. Day 2 is like the first day of school as the energy in the building is palpable and you run into many familiar faces
  2. Exhibitors this year have stepped up their giveaway game, with dinosaurs, (inflatable), hot dogs (edible), soccer balls (playable), and monkeys (stuffed, not real) being some of the cooler give-aways.
  3. How to Break “Death by Discount” Cycle session featuring Linda Voracek of Sally Beauty and Cheryl Sullivan of Revionics with moderator Brian Kilcourse of RSR was standing room only. Cheryl’s statement that “not all products are driven by price” had a major impact on the attendees and it was seconded by Linda Voracek from Sally Beauty.
  4. Colin Powell delivered an incredible keynote speech with attendees buzzing about it well after he spoke his last word.  Key for retailers was hearing his thoughts on leadership and how a true leader can get others to follow out of “curiosity.”
  5. Not wearing a jacket was not a smart idea.  It was well below freezing yesterday and my mom would not have been proud of my outerwear choice.
  6. The fitness models at a nearby booth are in really good shape.  Makes me question my choice of conference meals.  (But that hot dog was pretty darn tasty.)
  7. Successful retailers are not only focused on price but on task management software as well.  Using technology to manage standards is big for those that are trying to grow quickly.
  8. We keep hearing about Brazil being a great potential market.  If you are attending NRF you know this to be true as “Voce fala Portugues “ is one of the most common questions I hear.  Umm, I do not.  But I have colleagues who do some come on by Booth 2962!
  9. Competitive Intelligence solutions are also popular this year as retailers are seeking new ways to stay ahead of their competitors and “capture customers’ hearts.”
  10. According to other exhibitors, Revionics Dinner Boat Cruise was the coolest event of last evening and they wish they had been invited.  Maybe next year, other exhibitors!
  11. I was wrong on Sunday night when I said it was not possible for my feet to hurt any more.