11 observations from Day 3 at NRF

11 observations from Day 3 at NRF
January 19, 2016 Revionics

  1. Retailers are really interested in solving the challenges of excess inventory.  There was a lot of activity at the booths with supply chain innovations, demand forecasting, and of course markdown optimization.
  2. As more retailers become BOPIS there will be a great effect on demand, supply, inventory systems, price, and workforce management.
  3. The food in the Javits is surprisingly decent.  During my week I had Korean, Greek, and Chinese, all of which were good; although they do not compare to the hot dog I ate from one of the booths. (See my Day 2 observations blog.)
  4. I understand that this is becoming a mobile world but I still think for some solutions, primary use case will be on desktop.
  5. Microsoft and IBM had eerily similar booths.
  6. Shout out to DOMO for the cool football.  My son loves it!!!!
  7. Retailers really took advantage of the three days by scheduling multiple meetings with Revionics and really getting a great education on Price, Promotion, Markdown, and Space Optimization.
  8. I don’t drink coffee but I imagine a mobile coffee truck would print money on the show floor.
  9. Omni-channel has finally stopped being a buzzy word and now seems like an attainable reality.
  10. Many retailers are still seeking Price, Promotion, and Markdown Management solutions.  It was really cool to see how excited they got when they found out they could also take advantage of optimization.  I love delivering beyond expectations.
  11. Nothing beats a team dinner after a successful and fruitful NRF.  I see you Revionics Team!