Together We Build Win-Win Relationships

Add and Gain Value Through Our Partner Network

Revionics works with a partner network to enhance and complement each partner’s individual offerings with the goal to build exceptional end-to-end customer services that add value to our existing customers as well as extend our reach for new prospects.

Global Consulting Partners

Revionics’ global consulting partner network collaborates to develop and provide analytical offerings to mutual retail customers and prospects. These partners are innovation-focused, solution-driven and have high interdependencies with Revionics.

Technology Partners

These partners provide complementary technologies to Revionics’ solutions. They enhance Revionics’ analytics solutions and include store technologies, retail ERP systems, data intelligence, hardware and software providers.

Service Providers

These retail consulting and services companies work with Revionics in specific market segments to provide value-added services that enhance our optimization solutions.

Content Providers

These companies provide complementary data that can be leveraged in Revionics’ solutions to enhance recommendation precision. These partners include online and in-store competitive data and weather providers.

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