“Evaluating the Prospects for Retail in 2016” at the Retail Leaders Forum

“Evaluating the Prospects for Retail in 2016” at the Retail Leaders Forum
February 29, 2016 Jeff Moore - Chief Science Officer

sydney retail leaders forum

This week the annual Retail Leaders Forum kicks off in Sydney.  As retailers from around the world converge on Oz, our thoughts turn to the ever-shifting retail landscape in Australia:

  • The continuing influx of retail giants from other countries, adding to already intense competition
  • A relatively weak Australian dollar
  • The rise of the always-connected consumer who is plugged into prices for every item on every channel at every moment

A highlight of the conference is the panel slated for 9:55 a.m. Tuesday 1 March on “The Year Ahead: Evaluating the Prospects for Retail 2016.” I am one of the panelists who will offer insights on both international and domestic trends affecting retail in 2016, as well as the impact of the economic and political environment on consumer confidence and spending.  We’ll share our predictions on which retail segments will do well this year – and which ones will struggle. And we’ll give a peek into Australia’s expected pace of globalization in the year ahead.

If you’re headed to the Retail Leaders Forum, we hope you’ll make time for what promises to be a provocative and insightful panel discussion.  And if you’re not attending, check back with us soon – we’ll be providing a recap of highlights from the event and insights from the panelists!  And whether you’re there or not, you can follow the event in real time on Twitter at #RLForum.