Insight 2019: Anticipation from a Sophomore Participant

Insight 2019: Anticipation from a Sophomore Participant

Insight 2019: Anticipation from a Sophomore Participant
August 19, 2019 Liz Krupka - Global Marketing Manager

We’ve been planning Insight 2019 for months now. Pricing, Promotion and Markdown sessions are dancing like sugar plum fairies in our event team members’ heads. This is Revionics’ 10th annual Insight event and my second one, and my anticipation is building!

The plethora of networking activities and sessions that are going to be available to prospects and customers and there are a few that are worthy of callouts.

1.Revionics 12 Month Road Map – I’m blown away by how much the retail landscape is changing. Instacart and other businesses like it are changing the way brick and mortar stores have to price and it’s incredible to see how the predictive analytics software solutions out there can help retailers globally navigate a very dynamic market. It’s also exciting to hear the good, the bad and the ugly from customers and development teams. What are the features you love? What are the new features you’d like to see? What is it that we should do in order to keep a step ahead of your needs?

2. The Safari Tour – Because, well, big kitties. Also, because the San Diego Zoo is a world-famous zoo. If you haven’t been – this is a great chance to see their Safari Park in the evening!

3. A Keynote Speaker focused on Millennials and how we are changing the retail landscape. Millennials are now finding creative ways to pay off college debt faster, which is giving them more purchasing power. This is also a generation that is heavily dependent on technology and interweaving technology in our day to day lives – to make life as convenient as possible. How is this going to affect the economy? Retailers? Brick and Mortar stores? The retail workforce? Trevor Gormley will explain the breakdown of millennial views to the retail community.

4. La Jolla, California – La Jolla has some of the most picturesque landscapes in the United States. Coastal bluffs, beaches, mountains, and sunny 75-degree weather will be sure to delight anyone who is attending this year!

5. Networking and sessions featuring our customers – Last year was my first Insight. It was inspiring to listen to a wide range of retailer stories, tried and true strategies that work, inspiring keynote speakers and meeting innovative users of our product. Insight is a place where you get to watch Revionics experts and clients connect and expand on and strengthen their strategies.

With all the planning and excitement around Insight 2019, it is definitely going to be one for the books. Not registered yet? Well, what are you waiting for? Register here.