2019 RIS News LeaderBoard Ranks Revionics as a Top Retail Software Provider in 14 Categories

2019 RIS News LeaderBoard Ranks Revionics as a Top Retail Software Provider in 14 Categories

2019 RIS News LeaderBoard Ranks Revionics as a Top Retail Software Provider in 14 Categories
December 10, 2018 Aaron Smith

Revionics achieves stellar rankings from retailers in key areas such as return on investment (ROI), technology innovation, total cost of operation (TCO), software reliability, ease of installation and integration, and quality of support and service

AUSTIN, TX – (December 10, 2018) – Revionics once again earned multiple top leadership rankings in the annual RIS News Software LeaderBoard survey. In the 2019 LeaderBoard results, Revionics was ranked as a top three software provider in Overall Performance, Technology Innovation, Customer Satisfaction for Targeted Solution Vendors, Software Reliability, and Quality and Support. Customer survey responses also ranked Revionics among the top 10 in Return on Investment (ROI), Total Cost of Operation (TCO), Ease of Installation and Integration and Quality of Service, and more.

The widely respected RIS News survey for the 18th Annual RIS Software LeaderBoard ranks software vendors in top-10 lists based strictly on aggregated satisfaction ratings from retailers, eliminating any “hype”. This much-anticipated annual report is a valued resource for retail executives who are planning and evaluating potential technology investments. As RIS News Editorial Director Joe Skorupa notes in the report, “every vendor appearing in the LeaderBoard is a winner by definition. This is true because every vendor in a top-10 list is on top of an iceberg that extends downward to approximately 40 more names. Therefore, every vendor on the list is literally the cream of the crop in retail technology and, by extension, clearly a winner and not a loser.”

Revionics Achieved Top Rankings as a “Leader” In the Following Categories:

  • Customer Satisfaction for Mid-Sized Vendors
  • Targeted Solution Vendor Leaders
  • Customer Satisfaction for Targeted Solution Vendors (ranked #3)
  • Customer Satisfaction by Tier One Retailers
  • Top Vendors in Customer Satisfaction
  • Overall Performance (ranked #3)
  • Total Cost of Operation (TCO)
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Technology Innovation (ranked #3)
  • Software Reliability (ranked #3)
  • Ease of Installation & Integration
  • Ease of Administration
  • Quality of Support (ranked #3)
  • Quality of Service

“We are pleased to once again be recognized by our customers, via the RIS News LeaderBoard survey, for providing market-leading price, promotion and markdown optimization that delivers outstanding innovation, reliability, quality, TCO and ROI,” said Marc H. Hafner, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Revionics. “I commend the Revionics team for delivering on our strong commitment to quality and quantifiable business results for retail innovators globally.”

“Retail technology’s rapid pace of evolution has resulted in an even greater need for the RIS News LeaderBoard survey, which helps retailers obtain a comprehensive view of software providers’ performance, capabilities, customer focus and proven results,” said RIS News Editorial Director Joe Skorupa. “We are grateful for the retailers that took the time to participate in the survey and we congratulate Revionics, which achieved stellar rankings.”

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About Revionics, Inc.
Revionics is a global SaaS provider of science-based pricing, promotion, space and competitive insight for innovative retailers.

Revionics helps retailers around the world gain a competitive edge by managing and optimizing their pricing, promotions, markdowns, and space. Created by retail experts, Revionics’ cloud-based SaaS solutions deliver amazing year-over-year ROI with an attractive total cost of ownership.

Embracing the retail and science in its core DNA, Revionics delivers machine learning solutions that retailers use to translate shopper insights and competitive response into high-impact results. With Revionics, retailers gain leading-edge capabilities, an invested partner and an evolving solution for today’s dynamic retail landscape.

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