Revionics Meets Fressnapf Group’s Appetite for Customer-Focused Price and Markdown Optimization

Revionics Meets Fressnapf Group’s Appetite for Customer-Focused Price and Markdown Optimization

Revionics Meets Fressnapf Group’s Appetite for Customer-Focused Price and Markdown Optimization
April 25, 2018 Aaron Smith

Machine Learning Science-Based Technology to Enable More Integrated Pricing across Fressnapf Group’s 11-Country Footprint

AUSTIN, TX – (April 25, 2018) – As the European market leader in pet retail with a strong private label offering and an impressive assortment range, the Fressnapf Group is a beloved retailer in the eleven European countries it serves. Its CHALLENGE 2020 initiative reflects the Fressnapf Group’s commitment to deepen its technological strengths in key areas including customer focus and cross-channel integration. With the selection of Revionics Price Optimization and Markdown Optimization, the Fressnapf Group is poised to deliver more customer-focused pricing, leverage its private label strength, increase basket size, and gain more in-depth insights into price elasticity and customer preferences.
“After a very systematic assessment of our requirements and the options available in the market, we were attracted to Revionics machine-learning based capabilities, in-depth analytics, and long-term partnering approach,” said Markus Kallen, Senior Vice President MDO at the Fressnapf Group. “In addition to providing more targeted, relevant pricing for our shoppers, we also look forward to implementing more harmonized and integrated pricing processes across the various countries the Fressnapf Group serves.”
“The Fressnapf Group is a respected retail leader with an exciting track record of growth and innovation,” said Marc H. Hafner, Revionics’ chairman and CEO. “Revionics is very pleased to partner with the Fressnapf Group to better meet their customer needs and business goals leveraging Revionics’ state-of-the-art science-powered price and markdown optimization. We are excited to continue building on our position of leadership in the pet retail sector.”

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About Fressnapf

The Fressnapf Group is the market leader in pet supplies in Europe. The company was founded in 1990 by owner Torsten Toeller in Erkelenz (NRW). Today, the group of companies includes around 1,500 specialty stores in eleven European countries (usually under the name Maxi Zoo) and more than 11,000 employees. Modern markets, expert advice, attractive prices, diverse service offers and an online shop make the Fressnapf Group more and more a cross-channel retailer. Today, the group realizes almost two billion euros a year. The Fressnapf Group is a promoter of various non-profit animal welfare projects and is constantly expanding its social commitment to the relationship between humans and animals. The mission is: We do our utmost to make the coexistence of humans and animals simpler, better and happier. What’s more, the Fressnapf Group actively pursues its commitment to the bond between pets and people in a number of ways, supporting numerous social, charitable and animal welfare-related projects both in Germany and abroad.

About Revionics, Inc.

Revionics is a global SaaS provider of science-based pricing, promotion, space and competitive insight for innovative retailers.

Revionics helps retailers around the world gain a competitive edge by managing and optimizing their pricing, promotions, markdowns, and space. Created by retail experts, Revionics’ cloud-based SaaS solutions deliver amazing year-over-year ROI with an attractive total cost of ownership.
Embracing the retail and science in its core DNA, Revionics delivers machine learning solutions that retailers use to translate shopper insights and competitive response into high-impact results. With Revionics, retailers gain leading-edge capabilities, an invested partner and an evolving solution for today’s dynamic retail landscape.

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