Quiz Yourself on Price Elasticity

Quiz Yourself on Price Elasticity
October 27, 2009 Revionics

True or false? Is it possible to lower prices and make more profit and revenue, even at a lower margin? For many, this seems counter-intuitive, but it is definitely true. We were recently working with a retailer on their detergents category where they had priced an Ajax product at $1.79. We found this product by sorting on price elasticity in the price review screen of RAPS Everyday Price Optimization. The price elasticity of Ajax was greater than 3.0, which represents very strong price sensitivity. Most items have a price elasticity between 0.8 and 1.4.  For those unfamiliar with the calculation, price elasticity is simply the percent change in units divided by the percent change in price. So a price elasticity of 3 simply means that if we drop the price by 10%, the units will increase by 30%. The table below compares profit and revenue between the current price of $1.79 and the $1.49 price suggested by Revionics:
















Notice that both revenue and profit increase for the suggested price of $1.49, which is lower than the retailer’ current price of $1.79. Notice that while the margin decreased from 39% to 27%, both the profit and the revenue increased.

Many retailers are missing the opportunity to increase profit and revenue by lowering the price on sensitive items that are priced too high. Revionics solution, RAPS, applies powerful scientific algorithms to isolate the influence that price has on unit sales.  We empower the retailer by making this visible and actionable in their pricing strategy.

  • True or false? Price sensitivity can vary by store. This is not a trick question—the answer is yes, of course, some stores are in affluent locations and others are not.
  • True or false? Successful retailers know the price elasticity for each item in each store. Yes, as you guessed this is true.

Look for next month’s blog when we challenge our readers to a game of truth or dare…

Truth:  Do you know price sensitive each item is at each store?

Dare:  Challenge us to raise your profits while lowering prices.  This is a game  worth playing!