Revionics University – Management Gaining Significant Value

Revionics University – Management Gaining Significant Value
August 3, 2009 Jeff Smith - Founder and EVP Corporate Strategy and Development

Since its launch, Revionics University has built a strong following from Revionics customers as well as other retailers who have been attending regularly scheduled seminars on industry-relevant topics. Revionics University has a formalized curriculum that touches on a variety of topics, from introductory courses on its products, to general industry topics relevant to pricing analysts, category managers, executives, and anyone involved in the retail industry. It may be perceived that Revionics University only offers courses targeted towards educating its customers in relation to their products, but it is much more than that. Revionics University is a top-notch industry forum that provides a number of courses pertaining to industry trends and best practices related to pricing and category management.

Why should you sit in on one of Revionics webinars? The benefits of Revionics University are numerous for anyone who desires to stay current on industry best practices and current, or future, technology trends. Designed to take less than one hour, the web sessions are very focused and share key industry lessons. Sitting in on a webinar will help you become more knowledgeable about the given topic within the technology industry.

Courses that Revionics has already hosted — “Retailers: Are You Ready for the Recovery?” “Next Generation Promotion Optimization,” “The Economic Impact on the Four Pillars of Category Management,” and “Good, Better, Best: Maximizing Private Label Opportunities” — demonstrate issues that are currently relevant to retailers and executives. These courses were recorded for archiving and are available for your viewing today. Upcoming courses include Integrated Forecasting, Global Retail Trends, and Competitive Data best practices.

Revionics employees are continually striving to be ahead of industry trends, and educating themselves on industry best practices. At Revionics, we are fortunate to be able to focus specifically on demand intelligence and the related benefits of it in regards to pricing, category management, and inventory replenishment. We have partnerships with leading retailers which enable us to stay informed on best practices in the industry. In addition, Revionics staff members bring years and years of their own quality experience retail industry experience, as well as vast experience in retail technology.

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