Don’t Just Cut Prices. Craft Them.

Customers love discounts, but you also need a profitable outcome. Craft meaningful markdowns that maximize return on inventory, margins and sell-through while delivering the discounts that customers want, where they want them, and when they want them. Quickly respond to changing conditions and trends while providing the optimal discount and cadence. Predict demand, prescribe the outcome, and drive profitable growth with a cloud-based SaaS solution.

Profitably Clear All Merchandise

From food to DIY to fashion. Our predictive science supports replenished merchandise and category management processes as well as the unique characteristics of seasonal and fashion/apparel merchandise. Align your business objectives, strategically rank markdowns, and understand the opportunity costs. Additionally, as local and macro conditions change, your plans are kept in-line with your strategy, rules and objectives.

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Get Proactive with a Dynamic Plan

From the first week of sale, create a markdown plan that dynamically adjusts throughout the product lifecycle based on sales, seasonality and other conditions. You’ll have early visibility into potential issues and the insight to proactively predict and manage toward your sell-through and margin goals.

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Optimize to Budget

Markdowns are often associated with a set budget and financial targets, so your markdown solution should go beyond generic budget limitations. Ensure that you align with the ability to constrain your markdown plan based on a fiscal, time-bound budget for your specified period — and for your specific product set and category.

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Stay on Top of Trends

Decipher trends, influencers and the discounts that shape shopper behavior with machine learning science that is always learning and always current. Adjust with market shifts and demand as real-time modeling forecasts inventory depletion rates. You’ll accurately tailor your discounts down to the localized SKU/store level or keep to the style or style/color level to align with your company’s strategy in a fast-changing market.

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Account for Omni-Channel Demand

Predict how much of a store’s inventory will be used to fulfill e-commerce sales as either in-store pickup or ship-from-store orders. With visibility into the number of units that will likely be sold through the online channel as well as how many will be purchased in the store, you will be able to discount appropriately for maximum profit.

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Infer Like Items Through Product Attributes

Minimize the inherent risk of new product introductions. Instead of manually assigning a “like item” when anticipating how a new product is likely to behave, benefit from science that automatically infers like items through item attributes and/or product hierarchy. Item attributes often can more accurately determine how an item will act or be perceived, so you’ll get a better plan with fewer adjustments and reduced risk.

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Accelerate ROI with Advanced Analytics

Often cited as their secret weapon, our customers leverage Advanced Analytics to quickly get the most from their Revionics markdown investment. Benefit from our unique expertise and science-driven knowledge and insights that you can implement immediately. Improve processes, demonstrate value and evaluate strategies to fast-track your results.

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