Straight Talk from Retailers: Revionics Ranked Among Top 10 on RIS News 2019 Software LeaderBoard in 14 Categories

Straight Talk from Retailers: Revionics Ranked Among Top 10 on RIS News 2019 Software LeaderBoard in 14 Categories
December 12, 2018 Alison Raffalovich - Senior Corporate Communications Director

I can’t resist touting Revionics’ truly stellar rankings in this year’s RIS News Software LeaderBoard.  In years past we’ve been justifiably proud of being ranked among the Top 10 retail software vendors in 5-6 separate categories.  This year we’ve blown far past that mark with a Top 10 ranking in an astonishing 14 categories!  The RIS News LeaderBoard rankings are closely watched and highly respected since they rely exclusively on aggregated satisfaction ratings from retailers responding to a survey, without any “hype” from vendors themselves. The fact that Revionics price, promotion and markdown optimization customers took the initiative to respond to this anonymous survey, not to mention how very highly we were ranked in so many categories, speaks volumes about the quality of our long-term relationships with leading retailers globally.

For me as a Revionics team member, the results provide validation of the quality of our products to our track record of innovation, our commitment to integrity and customer success, the quality of our services and support, and the proven value we deliver for our customers.

Revionics is ranked among the top 3 in multiple categories:

  • Customer Satisfaction for Targeted Solution Vendors
  • Overall Performance
  • Technology Innovation
  • Software Reliability
  • Quality of Support

As RIS News editorial director Joe Skorupa wrote in the report, “Every vendor appearing in the LeaderBoard is a winner by definition. This is true because every vendor in a top-10 list is on top of an iceberg that extends downward to approximately 40 more names. Therefore, every vendor on the list is literally the cream of the crop in retail technology.”

The other categories in which Revionics is ranked among the top 10 are:

  • Customer Satisfaction for Mid-Sized Vendors
  • Targeted Solution Vendor Leaders
  • Customer Satisfaction by Tier One Retailers
  • Total Cost of Operation (TCO)
  • Top Vendors in Customer Satisfaction
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Ease of Installation & Integration
  • Ease of Administration
  • Quality of Service

I’m proud and excited to be a member of the team that drives such powerful customer loyalty and value. It’s a good feeling to be a part of a company where commitment to customer success is an integral part of the culture, and where we as team members work to embody that every day.