Promotion Suite: Promotion Management and Optimization

Promotion Suite: Promotion Management and Optimization

Promotion Suite: Promotion Management and Optimization
January 6, 2016 Revionics

Learn to Speak Customer

Revionics Promotion Suite enables you to transform your promotions practice to successfully reach and engage shoppers on their terms. Learn how to “speak customer,” and ensure that you deliver impactful promotions that both resonate with shoppers and align with your financial goals while building brand, customer loyalty and margin. Watch this video to learn more.

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Your customers no longer just go shopping. Your customers are ALWAYS shopping and can be shopping anywhere.   Everyday you’re challenged to win them over, so you in turn challenge your team.

And your team delivers, but your customers are really well connected. With complete price transparency, right at their fingertips the pressure to stay competitive has never been higher.

And now the promotions just keep coming, one after another with one discount deeper than the next. It feels like you’re caught in a race to the bottom and it’s killing your bottom line.

You know all these promotions can’t possibly be effective. More likely they’re counterproductive and making your loyal customers a lot less loyal.

But there’s a better way to do this!

It’s time to move away from guessing, waiting, and then seeing. Revionics Promotions is an easy-to-use fact-based solution that helps you effectively plan, forecast, and monitor strategic promotions that build brand, strengthen customer loyalty and maximize your bottom-line. In other words, no more guessing!

Revionics Promotions leverages proven science, retailer strategies, self-learning models and transparency to suggest optimal promotions that deliver the best results.

These optimal promotions, delivered through a simple and intuitive workflow, lead to confident users, which leads to adoption and ultimately sustainable benefits.

And with simulation capabilities and side-by-side comparisons it’s easy to plan alternative offers, compare their forecasts and outcomes, and determine which offer will help you meet your goals and execute your strategy.

You can be confident that you’re planning the most effective promotions that make your customers happy. And since vendor funding options can be maximized through offer simulations you can negotiate the best deal that’s a win/win for both you and your vendor.

With Revionics Promotions, you can analyze your promotions across campaigns and marketing vehicles to ensure you’re maximizing those investments and staying on track to meet your targets.

Our leading-edge science can even break down the expected lift by vehicle, so you can make the best decisions on which vehicles will be the most impactful for each promotion.

Amongst your current marketing vehicles, social media continues to grow in influence. We’re all aware that word-of-mouth has the highest influence on a shopper’s purchasing decision, so to fully maximize those promotions Revionics has integrated social offer management into the promotional process to continue to build brand, build loyalty and extend your social reach.

Long gone are those days of playing the wait and see game and wondering how your promotions are performing. Revionics can help you monitor your promotions real-time giving you the insight you need to take action on market responses and make the best decisions for your in-flight promotions, whether that means adjusting your offer or even just extending the offer timeframe.

With Revionics, you can give both you and your customer value, not just discounts. To find out more about getting strategic with your promotions go to or email .